Lost Sloth Knows Just Where To Wait For Help To Arrive

Sometimes it's OK to admit we can't do it alone - and to know when to ask for help.

A little sloth was trying to cross a road in Ecuador, but started to get confused, and realized he might be a tad lost.

Rather than try to cross the road on his own, the sloth decided to stay put and wait for help in a place someone would be sure to find him ...

... and it worked.

The sloth was very happy to see his rescuers, and they were able to get him off the road and to safety. "The sloth rescued by our officers was checked out by a veterinarian, who determined that he was in optimal condition to be returned to his habitat," the Transit Commission of Ecuador wrote on its Facebook page.

Sloths may be slow, but it also means they're not reckless, and this guy's patience is exactly what helped him out in the end.