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Sleepy Dog Says What We're All Thinking When The Alarm Clock Goes Off

<p><a class="redactor-added-link" href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5JBR753Ypg&amp;list=UU-fntHIJvj9NYHnh38Uqbaw">Tom Packer</a></p>

One minute you're bounding through a grassy field, full of bouncing tennis balls, doggie treats raining down from the clear blue sky, like manna from heaven, so thick it collects in piles at your feet ... when suddenly your ears are stabbed by a shrill sound growing louder in the distance. The alarm clock.

"Noooo!" you scream as you're jerked awake and that idyllic dream world slips into the ether, perhaps never to be visited again. But then you remember, you're a dog, and can sleep all day if you want.

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