The Horror Of Slaughterhouses, In One Bloodless Photo

Eleven thousand in just one day.

That's how many animals are represented by this pile of ear tags, and how many are "processed" in some huge "farms" each day.

Joanna Lucas, of Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary, posted the chilling photo to her Facebook page to help people begin to fathom these staggering numbers - a photo without one drop of blood.

The haunting image was taken by an anonymous artist, who goes by the moniker "K49814," as part of a photo series at the Kehrer Gallery in Berlin, Germany, titled "Breathe Without Pause."

"10 billion animals die annually in the U.S. alone with often a number, not a name, serving as the only form of identification that they are an individual," Susie Coston, national shelter director of Farm Sanctuary, told The Dodo. "Like inanimate objects, they are not allowed to have names that show that they are someone, not something. At Farm Sanctuary we give each of our animal family members names."

Farm Sanctuary

Farm animal sanctuaries try to save lives from slaughter and let these animals live in peace. Learn more about how you can help Farm Sanctuary rescue animals in the U.S. here.

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Update: This post was updated to include a credit to the original photographer of the image posted on Facebook.