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Skunk Stuck In Cup Is Saved By Fearless, Kind Man

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A very brave man recently risked being sprayed with a very unpleasant odor - all for the love of a tiny animal.

According to the video description, the unnamed man was leaving an airport parking lot when he saw a little skunk with his head stuck in a yogurt container. He left for work, but turned around because he felt too bad for the poor animal.

Though the man was petrified of being sprayed, he gently freed the little guy - who happily ran to hide under a nearby car while onlookers applauded.

Props to this guy for braving a potential sensory disaster and freeing the confused skunk. But unfortunately, stories like this aren't uncommon. Many animals will reach into empty cans or yogurt containers to reach bits of leftover food, only to get stuck inside them.

Here's another skunk who wound up in the same situation.

And a squirrel.

Here's a very sweet rescue of a little fox cub who got stuck in a metal can.

And a baby hedgehog.

Fortunately, all four of these animals, like the skunk above, were saved by kind passersby. But for others, help might not come in time.

Of course, accidents like these are completely preventable. The best thing we can do is to animal-proof our recyclables. Place the sharp lids of cans inside and crush the opening so animals can't get in, and cut up yogurt cups and similar containers. For more information click here.