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Emaciated Dog Won’t Stop Wagging His Bony Tail

Even in the most horrifying condition - seemingly on the very edge of life - an extremely emaciated boxer was wagging his small nub of a tail when a stranger discovered him abandoned in a park.

The good samaritan found the 25.8-pound boxer in Ridgewood, Queens, NY, and carried him to an NYC shelter. They knew that the dog needed more help than they could provide, so they contacted Adopt a Boxer Rescue (AABR).

AABR immediately brought the dog to the emergency room. There, veterinarians collected samples for lab work and checked out his heart and lungs, which were both doing surprisingly well for his condition.

On Wednesday, AABR posted to Facebook with an update on Brewster. They wrote, "Brewster made it through the night!!!"

"He is showing interest in food and has been starting on a slow refeeding schedule of every two hours. He is on fluids and also drinking on his own so he is peeing (a very good sign)."

"He is on antibiotics for some possibly infected pressure sores but other bloodwork just showed anemia (not surprising)."

"The staff there keep commenting on how sweet he is. All in all the positive vibes seem to be working, keep them coming!!"

Brewster isn't just making a good impression with the humans at the hospital. "He LOVES the other dogs there," according to an AABR Facebook post on Thursday.

"He's so happy to meet anyone and everyone," Amy Swift, New York liaison for AABR, told The Dodo on October 20. Whether it's in the protective custody where he's currently being held or on the street out on a walk, Brewster's excited to meet the many new faces he's come across, including "kids, adults [and] any dogs."

"He goes up to kids on the street, and he's so gentle," says Swift.

"You can't tell that anything bad has ever happened to this dog," Swift continued.

Since being under the care of AABR, Brewster has gained 5 pounds and the rescue group has received a $5,000 grant from RescueMe.org, some of which will go to pay Brewster's costly medical expenses.

While Brewster is recovering, AABR joined forces with the New York Police Department, who it has worked with in the past, to find whoever treated Brewster in such a cruel way.

Late on October 19, AABR wrote on its Facebook page that Brewster's abuser had been arrested. The post included a shout out to the NYPD for its efforts in the arrest and a photo of Brewster in a handsome zip-up hoodie, which Swift noted has kept Brewster warm in the cold October air.

According to the police, Brewster, known as Tyson under his former ownership, was deprived of food, water and medical care between July 1 and the date he was rescued in October. As a result of his actions, the abuser, a Queens resident, has been charged with felony animal cruelty.

AABR is currently in need of foster parents in the metro area from Connecticut through DC. Click here to learn more about fostering a boxer through AABR.

This story has been updated to include an interview with Amy Swift and information on the abuser's arrest.

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