Cinderella's household helpers better watch their backs -- these guys are cleaning house!

1. Golden Retriever retrieves laundry.


This golden retriever pup knows when to load ‘em and when to fold ‘em. If only we all found this kind of joy in doing the laundry.

2. Beagle knows how to dish it out.     


Despite what detergent commercials would have us believe, most dishes do need to be rinsed before being run through the dishwasher. This little beagle takes scraping the plates very seriously. There will be no clogged filters on his watch.        

3. Lab reports for dish duty.


Taking it one step further than our beagle buddy is this brilliant yellow lab, who has figured out how to open the dishwasher. As anyone who’s lived with teenagers knows, many humans have yet to master this trick.   

4. Tiny dog cleans house.


If you find it hard to get motivated to toss your clutter, just take a tip from this little guy. He makes short work of household litter, and he’s barely bigger than the trash can!

5. Cat leaves duster ... in the dust.


Not all cleaning jobs require direct participation. After all, someone needs to supervise. This kitty is clearly the boss, having found a way to get a clean house and a free ride at the same time.     

6. Actually, he does do windows.

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This Canadian cat is enthusiastic about a chore even some professional cleaners won’t touch -- the dreaded window washing. If your glass is looking greasy, just grab some paper towels and do your best imitation of Canuck kitty.