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They Had No Idea What Love Would Do To This Cat

It didn't take long before the world was hooked on a feline.

But Silas is no ordinary feline. Just a scraggly, discarded cat at the side of a Florida road, he didn't appear long for this world. Then a kind family came across him.

They couldn't possibly have thought Silas had this in him.

But love, as we've seen time and time again, has a downright inflatable effect on both spirit and body.

We've just never seen it quite so literally.

Then again, not many cats are pumped so full of adoration as Silas. He is, after all, an internet star now. His Instagram account - featuring Silas Sir Kitty, as he's formally dubbed, in various states of cuddle-puddle - has garnered nearly 5,000 followers.

Welcome back to the sunny side of the street, Sir Silas.