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People Are Sharing This Old Video Of Simone Biles Being Attacked By A Bee

Her reaction is VERY relatable.

<p>YouTube/US Gymnastics</p>

It takes many years of hard work and dedication to achieve the level of skill and athleticism of an Olympic champion - but it only takes a second or two to be unseated (in a way) by a bee.

YouTube/US Gymnastics

Some endearing old footage has been making the rounds in recent days showing newly-minted four-time gold-medal winner Simone Biles having a memorable encounter with one such stinging insect.

While standing on the winners podium at the World Gymnastics Championships in 2014, as cameras rolled, Biles was suddenly confronted by a bee who'd evidently been hiding in her bouquet.

Her reaction is VERY relatable.

The pesky little pollinator meant no harm, to be sure, but did end up stealing the spotlight from Biles - at least for a moment.

It's easy to see why this clip has been gaining traction online. For those of us who routinely lose our cool at the sight of a bee, it's nice to know we might share at least one thing in common with someone as talented and poised as this Olympic champion.