Simon Cowell scraps captive dolphin scenes on X-Factor after public outrage.

Who said one person can't change the world...

Donna Ilife-Pollard was cozy relaxing in her slippers and wine watching TV when her world shifted into overdrive.

She was watching one of her favorite shows X-Factor UK and as it was nearing the end of the episode the teaser for next week came on the screen.

What she saw next prompted her to a knee-jerk reaction to act. XTra Factor, X-Factor's behind-the-scenes after-show, was promoting captive dolphins doing cheap stunts glorifying the swim-with programs and dolphin shows.

So she started a petition.

"I haven't slept most of the night worrying about the impact this actual episode will have on the younger generations when they watch it in their millions next week. They'll all be begging their parents to visit the likes of Seaworld..." - Says Pollard in her petition to stop the segment from airing, "All the love and hard work we put in to send the right messages out about captivity and the Taiji connection will just be blown out of the water when the kids see that Simon Cowell thinks it's ok."

So thanks to the quick actions of a handful of core activists the petition counts went up to 5,000 in under 24 hours. It's currently at 7100 and counting.

It also caused this: Warnings from activists overnight pushed the subject to a global viral level.

Simon Cowell has always been outspoken against animal abuse of any kind so I was shocked at the latest news of XTra Factor shooting a segment with captive dolphins that were captured from questionable or unknown sources.

An informal Twitterstorm was the reaction from the activists who joined in the fire Donna had started.

It prompted this a few hours later.

and then after more prompting...

On Digital Spy: Posted on September 30, 2014 Simon Cowell has responded to an online petition which called on scenes involving The X Factor contestants with dolphins to be scrapped.

A preview for next weekend's Xtra Factor episodes, filmed at Judges' Houses, showed the final six boys attending a dolphin show, as well as swimming with the animals.

The final six boys at the judges houses stage on The X Factor 2014 © ITV / Thames TV/Syco An online petition was signed over 7,000 times, as fans called on Cowell to take action, with its creator Donna Iliffe-Pollard explaining that she hoped "to appeal to Simon Cowell's animal loving nature, encouraging him into reconsidering putting this segment in next weekends show (sic)."

Having become aware of the petition, the Syco boss tonight (September 30) tweeted: "Reading your tweets. I had no idea Xtra Factor producers filmed with dolphins. This will NOT be showed on Saturday. I think you all know my view on cruelty to animals so thank you all for your concern."

Iliffe-Pollard had expressed fear about the "impact this actual episode will have on the younger generations when they watch it in their millions next week".

The X Factor will air over three nights this weekend as hopefuls compete at Judges' Houses.

One person can change the world, but sometime it takes a village.