12 Signs Your Dog Is Basically Your Furry Child

1. Snack time is no longer a solo activity ...

Reddit: Mrose87

2. ... And you always have a little reminder of when it's dinner time.

Reddit: mmd8988

3. You always have a bed buddy - whether there's room for one or not.

Reddit: Nofalo

4. The word "messy" is now taken to a whole new level in your household.

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5. You have more pictures of your pup than you do of people.

Reddit: jessrae7

6. Your house is full of toys that do not belong to you.

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7. You never need to set an alarm - you'll definitely be woken up in the mornings.

Reddit: jfzastrow

8. You no longer have sole ownership of your possessions ...

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9. ... Or your food.

Reddit: Iolnope

10. You take more pride in their accomplishments than you do your own.

Reddit: tnick771

11. You'd do anything to keep them from getting scared.

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12. And the most telling sign? Your pup is always the most surefire way to brighten your day.

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