12 Signs Cats Have Taken Over Your Home

1. Drawers are no longer for clothes, they are for cats.

Reddit: Frogsley

2. Any window is now Cat TV.


3. Your household doors double as cat perches.

Reddit: Social-Girl

4. You now have an audience when you shower ...

Reddit: mgamnfan30

5. ... In fact, almost any visit to the bathroom becomes a group activity. Or an attempted one.

Reddit: maddie3006

6. Any and every nook is a cat fort waiting to happen.

Reddit: I_Heart_Squids

7. The area under the couch is basically a hoarder's treasure nest.

Reddit: shoombabi

8. Toilet paper is RARELY found still on the roll.

Reddit: threeslaps

9. Sinks are actually feline relaxation basins.

Reddit: Flyersphan94

10. Ownership of food is very fluid and negotiable.

Reddit: followthebunny

11. No matter how many computers you have, you won't be able to use them.

Reddit: maddie3006

12. And the most telling sign: You always wake up to the cutest, cuddliest roommate around.

Reddit: delibertine