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Shy Octopus Turns Serious Scientists Into Total Softies

They can't even handle his cuteness.

Scientists were talking normal scientific stuff over live footage of the sea floor just off the coast of California.

"The forced feedback - it gives us a 40 pound to one ratio -," one scientist was saying.

"Can I just step in for a second?" another interrupted. "This is almost like a posed picture."


A striking image of a jellyfish floated across the screen, just above a tiny dumbo octopus.

"Do we want one more zoom on the dumbo before we take off?"


A resounding YES from all the scientists followed. Then the adoration began. The voices of the scientists transformed.

"Oh hello there little fella!"

"Look at his little suckers!"

And in the bright light of the spotlight from their cameras, the little octupus did something so adorable: He wrapped himself up in his little tentacles to cover himself up.

"Aw! He's shy!"


"'Bright light! Bright light! Go away!'" another scientist said, inhabiting the perspective of the octopus.

Finally it was time to leave the little guy in peace.

"Anyway ... back to the forced feedback ... " one scientist continued, picking up where the talk before the octopus left off.

"I forgot I even asked that question."

Watch the full footage of the little guy here: