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Everyone Is Fawning Over This Baby Deer's Studly Hero

Not all heroes wear capes. Some, it turns out, don't even wear shirts.

A video shared on YouTube this weekend captured the moment a half-naked "science hunk" stopped to save a scared fawn from drowning.

According to the video's uploader, her friend was in the area to collect data about hydraulic fracturing when he spotted a young deer trapped in a water-holding pond.

The good Samaritan then jumped in to help the fawn who couldn't climb the pool's slippery, tarp-covered banks himself.

Understandably, people are kind of freakingout.

"[A]ll hail our new shirtless hero!" writes one website. "He's probably collected a few hearts by now too," writes another.

"Saving baby deers in a frack pond," says the fawn's unnamed rescuer in the video. All in a day's work for a science hunk.