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Dog Abandoned At Mall Had So Much Hair She Could Barely Even See

"When I saw her, I knew there was something magical going on underneath all those mats."

It wasn't always easy for Matilda Mae to see the big picture.

Just the small, sad details of the moment. Like how she had been abandoned behind a shopping mall in Elkton, Maryland.

And how an animal control officer finally hauled her off to a busy shelter.

But this tiny shih tzu mix had something else keeping her from seeing beyond her immediate struggles.

Her coat had long grown matted, with dirty fur extending well over her eyes. She wasn't able to see much of any picture.

Luckily, someone else had a vision for Matilda Mae.

"When I saw her, I knew there was something magical going on underneath all those mats," Renee Martini, founder of Renee's Rescues, tells The Dodo.

Martini's organization partners with local shelters, getting a call when a dog arrives who needs extra care.

Matilda Mae, with her painfully neglected coat, along with a set of rotting teeth, was exactly that kind of case.

It seemed even the 6-year-old dog knew it.

"Initially, from what I understand from the animal control officer that brought her to me, she was very depressed," Martini says. "Almost lethargic. She wouldn't look you in the eye."

No sooner did Martini pull her from the shelter than things started looking up for this forlorn shih tzu.

"Once she was shaved down, we gave her a medicated bath," Martini says. "And we started talking to her. We put the sweater on her and it was just kind of like she lit up."

"There was this whole other dog that just came to fruition in front of us," she adds."It was a beautiful thing to see."

And soon, for Matilda Mae, the big picture came into view.

"Once the fur came off, there was this beautiful sweet dog," Martini says. "We're building her up emotionally. She's such a happy girl. She's got a great future ahead of her."

The next step? A foster home. Think that could be you?

Get in touch with Renee's Rescues here.

And if you would like to support the group in its mission to save dogs like Matilda Mae, consider making a donation.