Lonely Shelter Dog Does A Dance When People Stop By Her Kennel

For the countless dogs held in animal shelters across the country, catching the attention of potential adopters can make all the difference in the world. But few know how to get noticed quite like this eager pup.

Meet Ginger Rogers - a rescued stray dog held at the Orange County Animal Shelter in Orlando, Florida. When folks drop by her kennel, she has a sweet little way of leaving a lasting impression:

She dances.

"Do you like to dance?" the shelter wrote on Facebook when sharing the video above. "Ginger Rogers is looking for a new partner!"

Sadly, despite all the attention about her dance moves and her clearly winning personality, the 1-year-old dog has yet to find a home. Because she's tested positive for heartworms, a treatable condition, the shelter is waiving her adoption fee.

Orange County Animal Services

Orange County Animal Services

For more information on Ginger Rogers, click here. To meet even more lovable pets eager to be adopted, visit your local animal shelter.