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Shelter Tries To Adopt Out All Its Animals In One Day

Every shelter dreams of getting all of its animals adopted - but one shelter decided to try and achieve that goal in a single day.

Vet Ranch, a group that treats rescue animals in Texas, held an adoption drive at Greenville Animal Control in Texas with the goal of getting every single one of the shelter's animals adopted - that day. Everyone knew the goal was ambitious - but that didn't scare them.

The shelter was home to cats, dogs, puppies and kittens, all waiting patiently for their forever homes.

As a part of the drive, the group also offered microchipping, as well as spaying and neutering.

When the day began, everyone was pumped and eager to change the lives of some furry friends.

Some had been waiting at the shelter for quite a while ...

... while others had just arrived.

Old and young, cats and dogs, slowly all of the animals in the shelter began to disappear from their cages as they left with their new loved ones.

Eventually, there were no cats, kittens or puppies left, and only a handful of older dogs remained.

At one point, the group was worried that it might have one or two dogs left without a home ...

... but finally, the very last dog ran out of the shelter with his new family. Which means they did it! Vet Ranch and Greenville Animal Control cleared an entire shelter's worth of animals in a single day.

They also spayed and neutered over 30 animals, and microchipped over 60. Thanks to this amazing event, a whole shelter's worth of animals are finally free, and living their happily-ever-afters in their new forever homes.

Check out the full video of this amazing event below: