She May Hop Like A Kangaroo, But She's 100% Kitty

<p> <a href="">Facebook/KangaRoo</a><span></span> </p>

One look at little Kanga Roo and anyone can guess how she earned her name: The little cat was born with a condition called radial agenesis, which makes it hard for her front legs to hold any weight. So she stands on her back legs, of course.

Kanga's differences didn't stop her from finding a forever family: Last spring she was adopted from Saving Grace Rescue in San Francisco. Now she lives in a happy home with two humans, two dogs and one other kitty.

While cats with special needs are often passed over in shelters, Kanga's joyful life with her family is proof that she comes with many of the same quirks, triumphs and challenges as any other pet.

Kanga's humans created a Facebook page all about her where they post updates about Kanga and the rest of the gang.

Maybe if we all were a little more like Kanga, living every day to its fullest, the world would be a bouncier place.

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