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Beachgoer Tries To Save Baby Shark Pups With Emergency C-Section

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A beachgoer performed an emergency c-section on a shark, in a valiant attempt to save the lives of three shark pups whose mother, according to the video description, had perished and washed ashore.

With words of encouragement from bystanders - "You won't go through the uterus. Just go on in!" - the man excises the infant sharks using a knife and swiftly returns them to the sea, believed to be off the coast of Georgia.

WARNING: Graphic Shark C-Section Content Below

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The survival of these sharks, however, is less than certain. Shark parents don't offer much in the way of care for their young, though they do try to ensure a good start for pups by giving birth to them in specific nursery spots. By beginning their lives in these shallow areas, "the pups can grow up with a relatively low chance of being eaten by predators," writes marine biologist David Shiffman - who adds a caveat that this particular subject is outside his area of expertise - on Facebook. His prognosis is grim: "It seems pretty likely that these pups did not survive." (But stranger things have happened to orphans.)

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When handling sharks, U.K. conservation group Shark Trust cautions that, as they lack ribcages, sharks' abdominal organs must be supported, and sharks should not be held only by their tails.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article stated that the video took place in South Africa. It is believed to have been filmed in Georgia.