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Idiots Drag Shark From Ocean So They Can Get Photos

For the powerful predator, it was the fight of his life, but to his tormenters, it was just a snapshot.

Two weeks after photo-hungry tourists mobbed a baby dolphin in Argentina, Florida news anchor Ashleigh Walters shared footage of several men dragging a shark from the ocean and pinning him down to take photos before releasing him.

Facebook/Ashleigh Walters

It's unclear from the edited footage how long the shark was kept out of the water, but by the time the men return him to the ocean he appears weak and disoriented.

Facebook/Ashleigh Walters

According to Walters, the shark was later taken farther out to sea and didn't resurface "for several minutes."

Facebook/Ashleigh Walters

While shark fishing is legal in America, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association recommends minimizing fight times and removing fishing tackle from sharks while they're still in the water to increase their odds of survival.

Presumably, stopping to take selfies doesn't follow either of these guidelines.

Watch the full ugly footage below: