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Shark Does Not Care Where He Poops

Sometimes, nature just calls to you, ya know?

That's probably what inspired this group of ecotourists to go cage diving in the Gulf of Mexico, where they soon met a local shark who heard that calling, too (in the other sense). They might have thought they were safe to enjoy the up-close encounter, but the massive Great White evidently found another way to reach them.

With his poop.

Thanks to diver Shawn Coit, who captured this unique scene on film in 2010, we're all reminded that the ocean is in fact a very big toilet for its inhabitants - but it's also a buffet.

"Snack time!" is how Alistair Dove of the Georgia Aquarium described the shark's defecation to LiveScience. "Unsavory indeed, but chunks of predigested food from a top-level predator's poop still contain enough useful carbon for smaller animals to make a meal of it."

While that may be true, we're guessing those divers didn't go back for seconds.