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Massive Shark Reminds Fisherman Who Really Rules The Sea

Move aside, fisherman. There's a natural-born aquatic predator in town.

Dev De Lange was out enjoying a day on the open waters off South Africa late last week when he felt a tug on the line and began to reel in a sizable catch. Little did he know, however, that he was about to have a humbling encounter with one of the ocean's most fearsome animals - a "massive" shark who was none to eager to let a man steal his meal.

The scary scene was caught on film, leaving little doubt as to the shark's fish-getting superiority.

The clip ends rather abruptly, but fortunately it appears that De Lange escaped the incident without injury (although it does appear that he lost his rods and reels in the capsizing).

While clearly this was a hair-raising experience, it's worth noting that the shark was evidently more interested in De Lange's catch than he was the fisherman himself.

Truth is, shark attacks on people are exceedingly rare, resulting in about six fatalities per year. Humans, meanwhile, kill at least 100 million sharks per year - so it's hard to blame them if they want to remind us from time to time who really rules the sea.