Rescue Dog Will Never See Again — Unless She Gets A Facelift

When a dog named Honey was rescued last year, the 2-year-old shar-pei was in a sorry state. Suffering from pneumonia and ears clogged with dirt, the neglected dog was fearful of both people and her surroundings when she was taken in by Wrinkles Rescue Yorkshire.

Luckily, foster mom Sarah Sanderson was able to nurse Honey back to health, but as the dog gained weight, she soon had a different problem: Her sagging wrinkles left her almost blind and once again the poor shar-pei was frightened of people, other dogs and even going outside.

"Honey's wrinkles are so heavy on her head they are actually pushing down on her eyes, so they are nearly shut," Sanderson told The Mirror. "If we are out and about and another dog comes up or people want to stroke her and say hello, she is extremely cautious and will shy away from them and hide at the back of my legs."

Like many purebred dogs, Honey's unfortunate condition is a genetic trait amplified by generations of inbreeding. Now Wrinkles Rescue is trying to raise funds so Honey can get the facelift-like surgery that would let her meet her future family, but the organization is still well short of their over $1,000 goal.

"Honey is a beautiful girl and a facelift will definitely give her a better quality of life," writes Wrinkles Rescue on their fundraising page. "Once she has recovered, Honey will be ready to find her forever home."

"She has come such a long way," Sanderson told The Mirror. "She is such a lovely and affectionate dog."

To donate towards Honey's operation, click here. If you think you're ready to bring a dog like Honey home, adopt, don't shop.