Dog Cuddles Up To Owner Even Though He's Dumping Him

Shadow had a reputation for being an escape artist.

And that's one of the reasons why his family decided to abandon the 7-year-old dog at a California shelter, according to a Facebook page for Saving Carson Shelter Dogs.

But, in a video showing the dog being surrendered, it's brutally apparent that Shadow doesn't want to leave his soon-to-be former owner's side.

Facebook/Saving Carson Dogs

In the clip, Shadow huddles as close as he can get to a seemingly indifferent owner, licking his lips, and glancing nervously around.

His former owner doesn't give him much reassurance.

Facebook/Saving Carson Dogs

It's hard to blame Shadow for worrying. The shelter environment can be a scary place, rife with strange new scents and sounds.

Facebook/Saving Carson Dogs

Over the weekend, Shadow joined the ranks of some 7.6 million pets who enter America's shelter system every year.

But no dog should be a number. Shadow is described as "very playful and loves little kids and other dogs."

"He is beautiful and he needs help now."

Los Angeles County Animal Control - Carson

Think that could be you?

If so, get in touch with Carson Animal Care Center through its website or call 310 523 9566.

Watch the full video below: