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Little Girl Writes The Most Heartbreaking Letter To Santa [UPDATE]

UPDATE 5:17 p.m. 12/7- Isla got an early Christmas present on Monday when she was reunited with Dolly. A photo from the Facebook group Get Dolly Home posted the below photo with the happy announcement.

A father and daughter's happy trip to an ice cream store turned devastating when they exited the building and discovered that Dolly, their blind dog, had been kidnapped from the spot outside where they had left her tied up for just a few minutes.

Since the abduction last Wednesday, the family has taken to social media in attempt to bring Dolly home in Yorkshire, England.

The daughter, 7-year-old Isla Kerr, has decided to use different tactics: writing a letter to the big man himself, Mr. Claus.

"Santa can do anything," Kerr told her mother, Vanessa Meskimmon.

The crayon-written letter is short, but to the point:

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is my dog to come back. I do not care about presents, all I care about is my dog Dolly to come back. I miss her so much and love her.

Isla Kerr

Meskimmon expressed worry about the Dolly's state of health in an unfamiliar place. "They may have thought they can make money out of her in someway, but they must never have expected her to be blind," she told the Yorkshire Post.

Dolly's been with Kerr and her family for the past three years since she was only 9 weeks old. This last year, Dolly was diagnosed with an incurable condition, leaving her blind and requiring daily medication for pain.

The page also features a CCTV recording from outside the ice cream store where the incident took place. It appears to show a man walking through the frame, but no dog.

"All we can do is just urge whoever has her to give her back," Meskimmon told the Yorkshire Post. "Even if they just leave her somewhere where she will be found."

If you know have any information on the whereabouts of Dolly, please contact the family via Get Dolly Home.