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Dog Who Survived Oregon School Shooting Grieves Lost Owner

The recent devastating school shooting in Oregon killed nine students and left their loves ones grieving - including one devoted dog who survived the shooting but lost his favorite human.

Bullet, a black-and white service dog, was by owner Sarena Dawn Moore's side when a gunman opened fire on the classroom at Umpqua Community College on Oct. 1. Moore, who was in a wheelchair, was killed - and her loving dog was there with her the whole time.

The day after the shooting, police delivered an unharmed Bullet back home, where he reunited with Moore's fiancé, Travis Dow.

Dow told CNN that he was overjoyed to see Bullet again. "Bullet became a piece of Sarena, and I was happy to get him back," he said.

But it quickly became clear that Bullet felt Moore's loss too. "He's been acting really droopy. He knows she ain't coming home, 'cause he was there when the fatal day happened," Dow said.

Studies have shown that dogs may mourn loved ones just as much as humans do, and there are certainly enough real-life stories that show firsthand how deeply dogs can feel the loss of an owner.

Moore trained Bullet herself and brought him everywhere - her dream was to open a ranch with therapy horses to help people with disabilities. Her loss is already deeply felt both by her family and by Bullet, her faithful companion right up until the very end.

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