Loyal Service Dog Gets A Place In The Yearbook Alongside Her Boy

This faithful service dog named Presley rarely leaves the side of the boy she loves more than anything in the world - and school officials clearly took notice.

Seph Ware, a seventh grader at Good Hope Middle School in Louisiana, has Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a condition that makes everyday tasks more challenging for him than for most kids his age. But it's not something he's had to face alone.

For the last four years, Seph has had Presley to assist him throughout his days at home and at school, acting as both a helpful companion and his best friend.

In her role as Seph's service dog, Presley has become a fixture of sorts at his school and is well-liked by all who know her. So, when it came time to take photos for the yearbook, it just made sense that she'd have a place in it, too.

What resulted is as adorable as it is heartwarming.

This isn't the first time that school administrators have seen fit to welcome a student's service animal into the yearbook, but it's always wonderful to see their important role honored in such a way. After all, we couldn't think of a better place for them to be remembered in perpetuity than alongside those whose lives they brighten most.