Serenity Now: Relaxed Corgi Is Loving Every Minute Of His Doggy Massage

While the fad of taking your dog to a "pet massage" parlor has long since passed, there are definitely some pups who prefer the more sophisticated form of petting.

This corgi can't even handle how serene he's feeling as he gets his ears and paws massaged. Even when his owner tries to get his attention, he's not interested in moving. Why would you, when you're already living in the lap of luxury?

Pet massage can actually have quite a few physiological benefits as well – not only can it be soothing for any sore muscles a pet might have, it can also assist in early detection and treatment of any abnormalities, such as swelling or injuries.

So the pup gets multiple physical and mental health benefits, and his masseuse gets to pet on a cuddly corgi – everybody wins!

Watch the serenity below:

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