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20-Year-Old Goldfish Gets Surgery To Remove Lump On His Fin

His family would do anything to save his life.

Bob the goldfish is 20 years old, and has been with his parents his whole life. He's even older than his human siblings, and is a beloved family pet. So when Bob's parents noticed a small lump on one of his fins, they were incredibly worried, and immediately took him to get checked out.

Bob's parents took him to the Toll Barn Veterinary Centre Limited to get checked out by Dr. Faye Bethell, who determined that the lump was a tumor, and Bob would need to have it removed.

"We first met Bob on the day of his surgery and he was in good health apart from his tumor," Dr. Bethell told The Dodo.

Bethell and her team had operated on many fish before, but Bob was by far the oldest one. An anesthetic powder was added to the water Bob was in so that he wouldn't feel a thing during the surgery, and his heart rate was monitored the entire time.

"Our nurses kept him wet throughout to prevent damage to his scales and provided anesthetic infused water through a tube in his mouth to keep him oxygenated and anesthetized," Bethell said.

The surgery went well, and the vets were able to remove the tumor from Bob's fin without harming him in any way. His loving family took him home, hoping for many more years with the fish they love.

"Bob is now doing well and back to his normal self," Bethell said.