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Senior Dog Dumped In Field With A Note That Says 'I Don't Need A Dog'

She was cold and wet when rescuers found her.

When Tessa's mom had to move away, she decided that she couldn't take the 12-year-old dog with her and left her with her neighbor instead - who ended up deciding he couldn't keep Tessa, either.

Instead of trying to find another home for Tessa or bringing her to a shelter or rescue, the man left the poor senior dog alone in a field behind some bushes, with her bowls, her bed, some belongings, and a note that ended with, "I don't need a dog."

The senior dog was found and taken in by Alan Webster, who runs South Yorkshire Pet Ambulance, a 24-hour volunteer rescue service. Tessa and her belongings were all wet when she was finally found, and no one can be exactly sure how long she was out there for.

The note also listed some details about Tessa, including that she likes tea, coffee and watered milk.

As soon as help arrived, Tessa seemed incredibly grateful, so desperate to be away from the cold, wet field and back in a warm home once again.

According to the South Yorkshire Pet Ambulance Facebook page, the man who left Tessa behind has been found, but there's no word yet on whether or not charges will be filed. Tessa was taken in by Dogs Trust, where she will soon be up for adoption. Tessa may be on the older side, but she still has so much life left in her, and hopefully she'll find a new family who can appreciate everything she has to give.

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