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SeaWorld Soirée Cancelled Hours Before Event

<p>Flickr, <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/aztlek/">Aztlek</a></p>

PETA won't be holding the protest they had planned for SeaWorld's upcoming 50th anniversary bash at NYC French bistro Bagatelle, anymore -- the event was cancelled eight hours before it was set to start, largely due to the very protests promised by PETA.

It started with an email sent last Sunday night by Dan Matthews, Senior Vice President of PETA, to the Bagatelle camp. Matthews protested both promoting SeaWorld in the wake of the "Blackfish" controversy, and the "loud DJs and flashing cameras" that could frighten the animals. Remi Laba, co-owner of Bagatelle, responded Monday night, expressing concern:

"We were very disturbed by what you told us and have let the reps of SeaWorld know that no live animals will be let in our establishment and that we will cancel their event if this was meant to take place."

Bagatelle representatives then alerted Matthews in an email that they had canceled the event altogether, saying that they did "what was right in [their] hearts."