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SeaWorld Quarterly Earnings

SeaWorld steals MUCH from Japan and coerces others to do their dirty work PLUS take all the Heat for SeaWorld's egregious greed. While the world focuses it's attention on Blood red waters in The Cove in Taji, Japan; SeaWorld rakes in MILLION of USDollars annually.

It breaks my heart to see a greedy corporation take advantage of irreplaceable sentient beings and the Japanese culture. Worldwide Dolphin Defenders', SeaShepherd, and Cove Guardians Movement has grown like a tsunami. SeaWorld has no choice but to stop this annual atrocity taking advantage of all stealing MUCH Yen from a small Nation which has borne more than their share of atrocity in our World's History.

PLEASE sign and share my petition if you are PRO-Change for Japan's people. Japan's people and the worlds Dolphins wellbeing are more important than money. The Cove in Taji, Japan is the ideal setting for Wild Dolphin Tourism...NOT chlorinated pools in United States of America.

See for yourself what SeaWorld steals from Japan annually:


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