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SeaWorld Lies About Orca 'Natural' Behaviours

Someone from SeaWorld tried to convince me that the Orca at SeaWorld only ever performed natural behaviours. I was pretty sure in the wild Orca don't have to beg for food & perform on demand. In this second part of my exclusive interview with Orca expert & researcher Howard Garrett we talk about their REAL natural behaviours in the wild.

This is the second part of my interview with Orca expert & researcher Howard Garrett, Howard has 30+ years experience observing these beautiful creatures & extremely knowledgeable.

In this part of the interview we speak about poor Lolita, an Orca who has been trapped since 1970 and lives in Miami Seaquarium, she is 45 years old. What a miserable, lonely existence she must have. I'm sure many of you have seen the image of the size of her tiny tank compared to the HUGE care park there. It is disgusting to think the human race is doing this to such a magnificent animal.

How likely & possible is it for some captive Orca to go back into their natural waters - even into a natural sea pen? Extremely.

Do not be fooled - SeaWorld have dominated these Kings & Queens of the ocean and try to have complete control over them. These animals are dying inside everyday they are entrapped in there.

Please do not support SeaWorld or any other marine park that holds any animals. They are held captive for entertainment for their entire lives.