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SeaWorld is going down!

Tilikum was captured near Iceland in November of 1983, 30 years ago. At only 2 years old, when he was approximately 13 feet long, he was torn away from his family and ocean home.

Since then Tilikum has spent the majority of his life in captivity transferred from tanks to tanks - Tilikum is now the largest Orca to be living at Floridas SeaWorld and has sired over 20 calfs 11 of which are still alive! However it's not as happy as it sounds, Tilikum has been the cause of 3 deaths - videos of the mammals dangerous and aggressive behaviour went viral in hours! The Orca got blamed for the attacks when in fact he is a wild bull who is built to hunt and kill there for he is potentially dangerous. He should not have been taken from the wild and placed in a tank that is the equivalent of a bath tub to him! He swims 0.001% of what he would in the wild...is this really what we humans are?! We are the killers here! Keeping wild animals like Orca is a recipe for disaster especially trying to tame them with human contact and evidently trying to make them performe to crowds of people all for what? Money. It's all about greed! Every single animal living in SeaWorld should be placed in a rehabilitation centre and released back into the wild! The way things were before greed took over our minds!

Representatives for SeaWorld encourage that the animals are kept in appropriate sized tanks however the picture shows an aerial view of SeaWorld showing Tilikum in a holding pen...these people speak nothing but lies! And it's time for us to act now before it's too late!