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SeaWorld Ignores Backlash, Plots Big Splash For Thanksgiving

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Last year, a Thanksgiving Day float bearing a pair of orca whales was met with outrage and protests from onlookers on the streets of New York City. One protester, a 12-year-old girl named Rose McCoy, even hopped a barricade to run out in front of the float and got arrested as a result.

Despite fierce backlash, SeaWorld is planning to take its Shamu show to the streets again this year. SeaWorld is not listed yet on the docket, but a spokesperson for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade confirmed to The Dodo that SeaWorld will have a float this year, and declined to comment on the controversy surrounding the company.

SeaWorld hasn't publicly announced its participation in the parade yet, but a contest on its website is offering to fly out winners to watch the parade - and, presumably, to see the SeaWorld float:

SeaWorld's float also received a negative reception at the Rose Parade last year in Pasadena, Calif. McCoy and several other activists with PETA were arrested for protesting the float.

The protests are part of a string of incidents against SeaWorld after the release of the documentary "Blackfish," which revealed disturbing information about the company's treatment of its orca whales. Several large companies, including airlines, have cut ties with SeaWorld in the film's wake.

Rose and her mother, Emily McCoy, told The Dodo that they "have no doubt" that they'll be in attendance to protest SeaWorld's float again this year.