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SeaWorld One Step Closer To Putting More Orcas In Tanks

SeaWorld is getting closer to expanding its tanks - which is bad news for orcas.

On Friday the California Coastal Commission recommended that the $100 million project get the thumbs-up, a move that outraged animal advocates. Even though SeaWorld's expansion would build bigger tanks, it wouldn't create more space for the orcas, but instead make room to breed even more captive orcas. SeaWorld admitted as much on its website:

Orcas do not belong in captivity, especially at SeaWorld - SeaWorld's orcas have major dental issues, as well as other health problems that they wouldn't be prone to in the wild. Their life spans are significantly less in captivity, with the average being only 12 years of age for captive orcas in the U.S. - a 103-year-old orca named Granny has been spotted in the wild, blowing that number to pieces.

When SeaWorld San Diego announced its plans last year - before it had even applied for permits - it put out a call to the public to ask them to write to the Coastal Commission in support of the expansion. Instead, the commission has received thousands of letters of protest - and yet it still recommended that the plan be given the go-ahead.

The final vote on whether to approve SeaWorld's permit request won't be until October 8, but this recommendation is not a promising start. If SeaWorld is granted its request, the park will be able to build more space to breed more captive orcas.

Thankfully, even with approval, the plan won't allow SeaWorld to obtain any more orcas from the wild.

SeaWorld's sales and attendance have plummeted in recent months, and this seems like just another ploy to try and save themselves, at the expense of suffering orcas, of course.

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