SeaWorld Just Fired Hundreds Of Workers

"SeaWorld is still in the same sinking boat."

SeaWorld's downward spiral just hit its workers hard: The company announced Tuesday it was eliminating 320 jobs.

The company says the cuts will help with a restructuring that will allow it to survive in the long term.

In November, SeaWorld reported declines in both revenue and attendance. Revenue for the first nine months of 2016 dropped to $1.08 billion, a decrease of $26.5 million from the same period in 2015.


Even though the theme park announced an end to breeding its captive orcas and a repackaging of its orca shows, it seems SeaWorld just can't shake the "Blackfish" effect.

The 2013 documentary shed light on alleged animal mistreatment at SeaWorld parks. After it came out, even more whistleblowers came forward with concerns about the captive marine mammals there. SeaWorld orcas have been spotted attacking and even ripping skin off each other.


"The fired employees have their freedom and according to the PR statement by SeaWorld, 'enhanced severance and outplacement assistance,'" John Hargrove, former SeaWorld orca trainer who became a whistleblower, told The Dodo. "If only the captured orcas living in concrete tanks could be so fortunate."

Despite persistent urging from animal activists, CEO Joel Manby has repeatedly refused to entertain the idea of relocating SeaWorld's orcas to more natural sea sanctuaries.


"SeaWorld is still in the same sinking boat," Tracy Reiman, executive vice president at PETA, told The Dodo in a statement. "Likewise, orcas and other marine animals are still in the same tiny tanks."

Reiman urged SeaWorld to affect a real sea change, and send their animals to seaside sanctuaries.

"Real change is its only hope of staying afloat," she said.