SeaWorld Can't Rely On Americans For Attendance Anymore

<p>Glen Scarborough / <a href="" target="_blank">Flickr</a> (<a href="" target="_blank">CC BY-SA 2.0</a>) </p>

SeaWorld is clutching at straws, desperately trying to boost the public number through the door. More advertisements can be seen on TV, enticing people to go to their parks to see all the animals. The latest story from SeaWorld is that they are going to build bigger tanks in their new Blue World Project, but this wasn't so the current orcas could have more room; it was an attempt to continue their breeding program and put more whales through misery. SeaWorld is also wanting to open another park in Dubai - we cannot let this happen.

Photo courtesy of We Animals / Jo-Anne McArthur.

Don't support the misery and heartache these animals go through - you can do something about it. Be their voice, support petitions, spread the information, watch "Blackfish." Below is the third part to my exclusive interview with "Blackfish" cast member and ex-trainer at SeaWorld, Dr. Jeffrey Ventre. Watch it and see how you can get involved and speak out against this disgusting organization.

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This franchise needs to go out of business; captivity for these animals is nothing but a depressing, barbaric and lonely life. Not to mention the short life it is - and only ever knowing captivity for your entire life. Trainers asking you to do tricks and behaviors for some fish; tourists banging on the glass; flashes of photographer and people starring at you all day - does this sound like a life?

Encourage where you can and inform where you can. Be brutally honest - these orcas live a life of misery because of one thing: SeaWorld. SeaWorld have taken babies away from their mothers so they can go and perform in other parks; SeaWorld is playing god, SeaWorld lies and SeaWorld kills. There is no justification for their actions ... ever. Having animals perform like this for human entertainment is no different than having a dancing bear or elephants in the circus, or a great lion jumping through a hoop. It's despicable, archaic and it needs to go. These animals need to be retired and enjoy the remainder of their life with some freedom in a sanctuary in the ocean.

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