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Seattle Times Slams Zoo’s Awful Elephant Record With Scathing Op-Ed

The Woodland Park Zoo, notorious for its bad track record with elephants, is finally getting called out by local media -- with a full-page op-ed in the Seattle Times. The paper's editorial board published a piece with the headline, "Editorial: Elephants and taxpayers both need sanctuary from the Woodland Park Zoo" slamming the zoo's lack of fiscal transparency and history with elephants.

The piece reads:

Helping pay the bills does not earn respectful treatment.

The zoo receives many tens of millions of dollars from public coffers but resolutely refuses to explain how it spends the money. Tax dollars disappear into a void with no transparency or accountability.} Per a lawsuit filed last spring, the zoo is not subject to Washington's public-records laws. The zoo has also refused to tell taxpayers where their money goes at the facility, building the "wall of secrecy" even higher, as the board put it.

The editorial finishes by imploring the zoo to retire its three female elephants to a sanctuary.

One solution is clear. Send the zoo's three miserable elephants to the friendly, nurturing environment of a wildlife sanctuary. Give them room to roam.

See this post for more information about the Woodland Park Zoo's history of elephant welfare problems.

The Huffington Post also had a great piece this week on things you should consider before heading to the zoo -- check out that post here.

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