Seat Belts For Dogs -- Soon To Be Required In Louisiana


The Louisiana House of Representatives has voted to move forward with legislation that would ban dog-owners from allowing their pets to ride unsecured in the beds of pickup trucks. The bill, which replaces a similar (but tougher) piece of legislation that died in the state's senate last year, dictates that all canines be "humanely secured" on the interstate, according to the Times-Picayune:

[The] revised proposal calls for the dog to be in a container secured in the truck that is well ventilated and allows the dog to breathe easily. The dog must also be able to stand, sit and turn around. The dog must also be physically restrained in a way that it can move around, but not be at risk of falling out of the truck.

Opponents of the measure say it will place a burden on "people who travel frequently with their hunting dogs," while supporters have lauded the bill as a step forward in protecting both animal and human safety.