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In Search For Missing Pit Bull, Heartbroken Couple Enlists Volunteer Army Of 14,000

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A heartbroken New York City couple has tried everything from flyers and billboards to Facebook posts and a Twitter hashtag in hopes of making their desperate search for their lost dog go viral - and getting her home safely.

Late last month, Morgan Bogle and Scott MacDonough got the news of every pet owner's nightmares: their beloved pit bull mix, Sugar, had gone missing. Sugar was last seen with their long-time dog walker who, according to neighbors, had an erratic meltdown for which he is now under treatment.

"I'm absolutely devastated," Bogle told the New York Post. "I want my dog back. I seem like I'm holding it together, but I'm not. I'm on the verge of a complete breakdown."

A representative for Bogle says she fears the walker may have sold Sugar into a dogfighting syndicate, possibly in order to buy drugs. Bogle told the Daily Beast that five witnesses reported the dog walker was high on drugs the night he lost Sugar.

The dog walker has reportedly been uncooperative in helping Bogle and MacDonough track down Sugar, wherever she may be - but that hasn't slowed down their efforts. Instead, they've launched a full-scale campaign, enlisting volunteers through social media to keep an eye out for their dog.

On a Facebook page set up to find Sugar, nearly 14,000 people have joined the search. The couple has uploaded fliers appealing for the dog's return, and even set up a map showing where they've been placed already to make sure the entire island of Manhattan is blanketed with them, again and again as they are torn down. They announce daily events for the volunteer army to join them in searching the streets for Sugar and posting more fliers.

Bogle has even enlisted the help of basketball player David Lee, from the Golden State Warriors. He pitched in $5,000 toward information leading to Sugar being found, matching the couple's offer and bringing the reward to $10,000.

People who believe they may have spotted Sugar are encouraged to call 917-796-0171 or email her owners at findsugarnyc@gmail.com.