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Seal Makes Friends With Scuba Diver

While on his very first scuba dive off the Isle of Mann, 15-year-old Jamie Gallacher likely had hoped to get an up-close look at local marine life -- and it would appear that feeling was mutual. Just seconds after entering the water, Jamie encountered a friendly seal tugging on his rubber fins as if to get his attention. Soon enough, the animal began to paw at and nuzzle at him, moving in repeatedly for a better peek.

"I didn't know how to react but it was incredibly playful, just like a big puppy," said Jamie.

Michelle Haywood, the instructor accompanying him, says that seals don't usually arrive so close to people or linger for so long. But though there's no telling why the seal's curiosity was so thoroughly piqued, one thing is certain -- the warm reception Jamie received on his first dive will be hard to forget.

"I feel lucky," he says.

[Via BBC]