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Namibia Seal killing - YOU are behind it.

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Dear reader.

I represent a non-profit organization based in South Africa, The Seals of Nam. We are trying to put an end to the cruelest mass slaughter of wildlife on earth. We have the support of scientists, celebrities, conservationist, professionals and like-minded welfare organizations.

Each year in Namibia up to 80 000 nursing seal cubs will be beaten to death with pick handles. A further 6 000 adult bull seals will be shot at point blank range. Their penises are sold to make ineffective sex potions for a sleazy adult entertainment market. The species is listed on Appendix II of CITES and has lost more than 90% of preferred habitat The Namibian Animal Protection Act (APA) clearly states it is illegal to beat an animal to death. When the issue was raised with the government at high level meeting in 2011, it got dismissed. The reasoning being that a seal is not an animal.


That's right. A seal, according to the Namibian government, is not an animal. I realize this comes as a surprise to you, but that is the government's ruling. A seal is not an animal, because it's a wild animal. This loophole in the law gives the government license to beat 80 000 seal cubs to death. The cubs are un-weaned when the clubbing begins. They are still dependent on their mothers' milky teat.

What's your role and why am I telling you this? I did mention you are involved. Oh yes. You're behind it for sure.

In Canada, 90% of the seals are shot. In Namibia, 100% of the cubs are beaten to death by frenzied workers. The harp seals in Canada are slow-moving and sluggish on the ice. The chances of landing a single accurate blow, enough to stun a young seal outright; are not bad. Cape fur seals in Namibia are a different species. They are extremely agile. They take quick, evasive actions. They can move over rough terrain, almost as fast as man. It takes multiple blows to subdue them. They are beaten repeatedly as they duck and dive to get away.

How do I know you're involved? It's simple. You, of all people! Baby seals. Mmmph? So absolutely terrified that they vomit up their mother's milk in fear. Recorded instances of pregnant females, so utterly freaked out in panic; traumatized at the festival of horror before them, that they even self-abort!???! This is fact. See thesis of Steve Kirkman Phd. (UCT) It's all there. And YOU are behind it.

Feeling a bit worried there? Guilty conscience? I'd be, in your shoes.

The Namibian government claims that these animals (dictionary definition) are destroying the fish stocks. This is absolute rubbish and anyone who can apply even the most basic of logic will see why. Can you?

Namibia has roughly 26 seal colonies. The largest of these is at Cape Cross. It stretches out over 2 km. If you lined up all 26 seal colonies and you put them next to each other in a row, they would stretch out over 18km. The coastline of Namibia is 1 572km in length. The country has an EEZ which is 200nm (370km's) in width. Using length x breadth this gives you an area of 647 500 km2. I am sure you will agree that, while seals do indeed eat fish, 18km is hardly going to make a dent. Let's not forget they have lived in harmony with the oceans on this diet for 4 million years.

And now for your involvement. Yes, you with the guilty conscience.

I know that what you have just read about the Namibian hunt has moved you. I know that no matter how much of a badass you pretend to be, no matter how hard you try to be tough, in your heart you are a kind person. The thought of some bastard repeatedly beating that little seal, separating the little bugger from his mother and her nipple before thrashing him to death with a pick handle, stabbing him in the throat, slicing it open, blood gurgling and bubbling in its nose and mouth as he wheezes to death on the beach... well that is nothing short of iniquitous; savage and barbaric. It's a disgrace. We both know that. But now it's UP to you.

Are you're really behind it?

Namibia exports more than 90% of all her fish. Hake and horse mackerel, rock lobster; crab; oysters; monk; tuna; pilchards, seaweed, anchovy, redeye, snoek, sole, kingklip, panga, John dory, angelfish, shark, swordfish, kob, barbel, squid, cardinal fish, Cape guarnard, grenadier, Jacopever, chub mackerel, octopus and mullet.

I'll be dead straight, I don't need your help. I can look after myself. But the seals need your help. To end the obscene cruelty, we need to apply economic pressure on the country. We need to tip the scales in our favour. Please, I implore of you, make certain any fish you buy does NOT come from Namibia. We are pushing for a boycott of the country's fisheries & tourism until such stage as the bloodbath has ended. Bear in mind, all 27 nations of the EU have banned seal produce because of the cruelty issues involved.

If you would like to help us further, that would be GREAT! Let's stop the seal hunt once and for all. Come on! You ARE behind it. I know you are!

Here's how. Inform restaurants, fish markets, take-a-ways, B&B;'s, grocery stores, hotels, super-markets, chefs, friends, colleagues. In fact tell everyone! Spend 10 minutes a day going through your local directory, email all fish merchants. Quick. Phone a local grocery store. Hi. I just want to know if any of your fish is sourced from Namibia? Not? Oh great. Because Namibia beats baby seals to death. I could never support you if your seafood was from Namibia. Oh it is? That's a pity. Now I can't buy from you because you're supporting Namibia's seal hunt. Oh you need more info? See the seals of nam.

On our site, we will list all businesses from the food industry that take the pledge to boycott Namibia's fisheries. Similarly, we will name and shame all outlets found to be selling Namibian produce. You can help us by finding out if any stores in your area stock Namibia goods. Email details to info@thesealsofnam.org Tweet, blog. Facebook etc. Go wild. Explain the cruelty and the link to eating Namibian fish in Europe. Distasteful isn't it? Forward this email on to your contacts. Petitions yes, we have several, one with over 100 000 signatures on it. You can find them along with other ideas on our website at www.thesealsofnam.org

Similarly, any tourism or safari or holiday to Namibia should be delayed until the hunt ends. This would also further our cause immensely. Save a seal. #BanNamibia If you have any queries, 50 000 fans on Facebook (The Seals Of Nam) would be happy to welcome you. This is where we can be contacted most often. Otherwise tweet @thesealsofnam That's it from me.

Thank you for your time. Thank you for being behind it! For the love of animals... pass it on Pat Dickens, Campaigns Manager, The Seals Of Nam. #BanNamibia

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