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Hungry Sea Lion Sneaks Into Fancy Seafood Restaurant

She didn't have a reservation, she just walked in for the halibut.

On Thursday, workers were shocked to discover a malnourished sea lion curled up inside San Diego's oceanfront Marine Room restaurant.

Staff are still unsure how the 8-month-old pup managed to get into the upscale French eatery, but executive chef Bernard Guillas said the hungry sea lion might have snuck in through the back door.

"I think when nobody was watching, the little guy came in," Guillas told KPBS News. "It was so cute, it was just priceless."

Rescuers with SeaWorld San Diego later determined the sea lion was a "micro-pup," weighing half of what she should at just 20 pounds, but said they were cautiously optimistic about her recovery.

Since last year, a record number of disoriented seals and sea lions have washed up on California's shores due to low food supplies and unusually warm waters.

To learn more about helping these poor pups, visit the Marine Mammal Center's website here.