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Scared Lamb Makes Heart-Wrenching Decision To Escape Slaughter

The act lasts just a split second, but what a lamb decided to do last week was permanent.

According to a video posted to Facebook last week, a lamb on the roof of a building in Morocco saw his friend being killed right before his eyes.

Realizing that he was in danger, the lamb paced back and forth frantically.

He just couldn't go through what he saw happen to his friend, so he decided between two terrible fates - being slaughtered or escaping by jumping.

In the end, he chose to jump.

"Imagine the terror coursing through that poor thing," one commenter wrote. "Think people...."

The world is full stories of animals doing incredible things - some desperately sad, others victorious, and some, like this one, a heart-wrenching mix of both. If we don't help tell the stories of animals, who will?

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