World's Saddest Cat Has Been Discovered, And She's Purrfect

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The internet is the best at finding adorably unique animals and making them famous. That's essentially the internet's job, and it's an important one - after all, that's how Grumpy Cat started! Now, the internet has unearthed the next cat sensation.

"I am the saddest cat. Woe is me."


Meet Luhu, "the saddest cat on the internet." Luhu's sweet face makes her look like she's constantly very, very sad for you. Luhu would be the perfect pet to vent about all of your life issues to, because she'll constantly look super sympathetic.

"What even is the meaning of life, though - right, panda?"


Luhu is from China, where she lives with her owner, Maggie, and her two brothers, Barher and Bardie. On Maggie's Instagram, Luhu always looks very sad, while her brothers take the sassier approach. Despite being related, the cats all have very different faces, and Luhu is the only one who looks perpetually sad.

"Shhh, go away. I am trying to be sad."


Despite the way she looks, Luhu seems to have a great life, so she's definitely not actually sad - she just has a very internet-sensation-worthy face. Cheer up, Luhu - you're famous now!

"Eeyore's got nothing on me."


Of course, Luhu isn't the only Insta-famous pet. Instagram is notorious for having adorable pet accounts, like this cat with eyebrows:


But of course, the saddest cat on the internet may have them all beat.