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Happy Ending For Depressed Shelter Dog

It's no secret that photogenic shelter animals, gazing happily into the camera, are likely the first to be adopted. But thanks to an online campaign, a pit bull named Chelsea, who was scheduled to be euthanized at a shelter in California, will soon have a forever home --despite the fact that she was so depressed, she wouldn't even turn around to have her picture taken.

Save SBC Shelter Pups shared Chelsea's photo, huddled in the corner of her stark kennel, under the caption:

"Not a great picture? Imagine how she feels ;( Pit Bull scared out of her mind here, this breaks my heart, she's a really sweet dog, who does this?"

After Chelsea's less than ideal photo was posted on the shelter's Facebook page, word passed quickly, shared thousands of times among people who were touched by the dog's apparent loss of hope. Reddit users spread the image too, leading to dozens of people inquiring how they could adopt her before February 13, the day she was to be put down.

The interest generated online has been so strong, Save SBC Shelter Pups updated their page hinting that the depressed pit bull had found a new home:

‘Thank you all for your help, Chelsea will be fine!'