Russian Police Look To Enlist Crime-Fighting Reindeer

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Like the famous team of animals piloted by a certain portly North Pole resident to carry presents around the world, soon a group of reindeer in Siberia may be delivering something too - justice.

The Moscow Times reports that Russian police working in the Arctic Circle have requested that a crime-fighting force composed of reindeer be formed to help track down criminals across the frozen region. Sleds driven by these animals are used by local criminals as getaway vehicles, and they're far more reliable modes of transportation than what the police currently have available.

While chasing down criminal suspects, police are relegated to snowmobiles, but those are no match for reindeer, which tend not to break down or run out of gas in the middle of the tundra, a police official was cited as saying.

This wouldn't be the first time reindeer have been enlisted for service by law enforcement. According to Russia Today, authorities in neighboring Finland are already using the animals for patrols in the northernmost region of the country.

Reindeer have been a mainstay for indigenous communities since they were first domesticated around 3,000 years ago.