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Hippo Runs Away From Circus For A Brief Taste Of Freedom

One hippopotamus saw the perfect opportunity for freedom and decided the risk was well worth it.

On Wednesday, traffic on the roads and sidewalks of Palos de la Frontera, a town in southern Spain, came to a grinding halt when the hippo managed to escape from the circus show where he'd been held, according to La Razón, a local news outlet.

Photos and videos show the hippo looking lost as he wandered around, with a crowd watching his every move from afar.

It's unknown how the hippo managed to escape in the first place, but, sadly, his trot to freedom didn't last long - reportedly, authorities and circus workers wrangled the hippo and returned him to his enclosure at the circus.

In light of recent news concerning Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus' last elephant show, this hippo's escape is just another example of an animal who'd rather not be in the circus.

Hippos, like any other animal, thrive best in their natural habits - where they have plenty of water in which to roll around and from which to drink, and the African sun over their heads to warm themselves. They're also very social animals who usually live in groups made up of anywhere between 10 to 200 individuals.

A hippo in the circus is denied such comforts, as circus animals typically live in barren conditions, are chained up in cages and lead stressful lives filled with constant travel, not to mention the cruel ways in which circus animals are often trained in order to learn tricks.

If you'd like to learn how you can help end the practice of keeping animals in the circus, click here.

Watch this video about how the Ringling Bros. elephants are finally being allowed to relax in their golden years:

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