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Slaughterhouse Rooster Goes Ahead And Rescues Himself

<p> Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary </p>

A woman who works in a medical clinic for the homeless in downtown Stockton, California, was walking around outside last week when she saw someone unusual in need.

Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary

A rooster was aimlessly, but hurriedly, wandering the busy streets.

The woman swiftly picked up the bird and tried to figure out where to turn for help. Finally, she remembered a local sanctuary, Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary. "She contacted us," Morrissey said, "begging us to take him in."

The animal lovers at the sanctuary sprang into action to rescue the rooster who had, well, just rescued himself. They brought him home to his new life and named him Dayton.

During his first night at the sanctuary, Dayton perched on the kitchen counter and was given cranberries for dessert.

And during his first week, Dayton was the subject of some assisted selfies, in which he looks quite dashing.

Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary

"I can't even imagine what these animals that end up at the sanctuary must be feeling and thinking,"one Facebook commenter remarked on Harvest Home's page, "going from a cage and terrible conditions to being loved and free."

Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary