'Right to Hunt' Act would criminalize first amendment rights!

The proposed 'Right to Hunt' Act in Wisconsin would criminalize documenting hunting practices. The act was introduced by WI State Rep Jarchow in direct response to Wolf Patrol's work in national forests (public land) in WI.

Our Wolf Patrol crew were simply filming and documenting bear baiting & hound hunting practices on public lands to bring them to the attention of the public. These hunting practices frequently put hounds and wolves in conflict situations, with hounds dying and wolves being further demonized. Clearly we are having an impact if representatives with hunters interests at heart are trying to criminalize our activities. What are they trying to hide by stopping us documenting hunting practices?

Wisconsin already has hunter harassment laws, and hunters have a lot of protections for their activities on public lands. Please help us stop the 'Right to Hunt' act, which would inhibit the ability of ALL residents of Wisconsin to practice first amendment rights on public lands.

Sign our petition against the 'Right to Hunt' Act here: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/841/015/589/right-t...

Keep up to date with this issue on the Wolf Patrol website www.wolfpatrol.org and Facebook page: www.facebook.com/teamwolfpatrol.